Pedro Romero – Safer Gambling Coach

Are you looking for a Safer Gambling expert? I’m a Safer Gambling trainer and consultant with specific industry skills acquired over a long career in iGaming operations, clinical work, and the charity sector.

Safer Gambling, Compliance and Operation teams frequently need my guidance, support, and expert industry knowledge.

Companies I've worked with

Safer Gambling Training Programs

Safer Gambling Consultancy Services

I also offer Safer Gambling consultancy services giving you expert advice, insights, and a fresh perspective. With most of my clients I work on a rolling monthly basis depending on operator need and the level of assistance required. Get in touch to discuss how can I help your company.

  • Policy review

    You may need help to create and review SG polices - Big Win, affordability, self-harm, customer vulnerability.

  • Third party Safer Gambling software

    Not sure if you should develop your own SG software or use a third party? I can help you decide what’s best for your business.

  • Review of Safer Gambling communications

    Make sure that your SG communications are effective and include best practices.

  • Quality assurance of Safer Gambling interactions

    Unsure how good your Safer Gambling calls and interactions are? I can help your team improve.

  • Supervision and coaching for Safer Gambling staff

    Are your SG staff demotivated, burned-out and/or experiencing compassion fatigue? I can help you to put in place support processes to ensure that they remain empathetic with customers.

  • Regulatory inspections and Safer Gambling targeted assessments

    Let me help you to prepare your safer gambling leadership team to show, in a positive light, your safer gambling efforts.

  • License applications

    Not sure how to fulfil the Safer Gambling requirements for a new jurisdiction? You may need guidance from an experienced expert like me.

  • Customer settlement negotiations

    I can coach your leadership team how to handle difficult conversions to enhance difficult case outcomes.

  • Developing Safer Gambling partnerships with charities and research groups

    Let me help you to establish trustworthy partnerships with charities and universities.

  • Any other Safer Gambling related matters

    If you have any uncertainty about any SG issues, having me as your external SG expert, providing you with independent advice can help you make the right decisions.

About Pedro Romero

Pedro is a seasoned Head of Safer Gambling. He has worked in senior roles at leading iGaming companies. Aside from his industry roles, he has been the Head of Gambling Therapy, a charity which provides online support for problem gamblers worldwide.

Pedro is a trained psychologist and psychodynamic counsellor with extensive CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) training. This expertise makes him one of the few people to have clinical, Safer Gambling and senior experience in the industry.

Pedro has a unique skillset to help protect your business and customers.